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Certified Financial Planners Serving Coquitlam, BC 

McLeod Mooney Certified Financial Planning is an experienced and locally owned financial services firm specialized in managing Group RRSPs and Pension Plans. 

Our Services

Group RRSP & Pension Planning

When it comes to the management of Group Retirement Savings Plans & Pensions the most important aspect from our clients (the employer) standpoint is meeting the Capital Accumulation Plan (CAP) guidelines. 

These guidelines were developed to ensure the plan members (the employees) were getting quality investment advice and personal care.  These standards can be a liability to the employer if not followed.

We work in partnership with our clients to remove that liability from their plate.

Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Money can be confusing.  At a young age most of us learn how to earn it, but it doesn't come with an instruction manual, and rarely are we taught how to manage it.

Our process is focused on listening to you, and identifying your goals and financial aspirations.

Once we understand what your financial goals and aspirations are, using expertise, technique, and professional collaboration we help to integrate your investments, risk management strategies, retirement, and estate planning in one clear and concise financial plan. 

Meet the Team

Through our dedicated team, we aim to provide all of our clients with the highest level of service and financial advice through all stages of life. We offer in-depth expertise on Group RRSPs, Pension planning, Wealth management, and Financial planning

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Certified Financial Planners Serving Coquitlam, BC

McLeod Mooney Certified Financial Planning Serves Clients Across

What our clients say about us

Our family and our corporations have been working with Ian Mooney since early 2014.  The individual attention, and guidance that we have received from Ian over the years has translated directly into tangible financial benefits.  In addition to managing our investment portfolios and our insurance needs, Ian has played a critical role in designing our health and dental plan as well.

I truly appreciate how Ian stays current with political and economic developments in the world, and how they might affect our investment strategies.  With this new partnership of Ian and Nathan I believe the professionalism, industry knowledge and open communication that Ian and Nathan have demonstrated with us will continue to benefit our financial needs for many years to come. 

If you are looking for honest, professional, reliable, and knowledgeable certified financial planners I fully heartedly recommend calling McLeod Mooney Certified Financial Planning for advice and guidance.

                Paul Esposito

CEO, Esposito Group of Companies

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