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What our clients say about us

Sergio Cattalani

EMX Royalty Corporation

I first met Ian Mooney in early 2014 and was immediately impressed by his personal approach, his enthusiasm, and his knowledge-driven grasp of Canadian investment vehicles and their tax consequences.  I soon thereafter transferred my growing investment portfolio under his personal management, and this, in retrospect, has proven to be one of the best personal finance decisions I have made. The individual attention and knowledgeable guidance I have received from Ian over the years has translated directly into tangible financial benefits.  


In addition to managing my investment portfolio and my personal life insurance needs, Ian has played a critical role in all of my decisions regarding retirement planning and more recently, succession planning.  2014 was a pivotal year for my finances due to a change of control-related severance, and Ian quickly helped me assess the best way for me to maximize this benefit, providing investment options and a tax strategy that best suited my situation at the time.  Since then, my situation has evolved significantly, including a period of self-employment, a return to corporate employment, a second marriage, and all this while residing internationally.  Ian's guidance and strategies have consistently adapted and customized to my personal life changes, all the while providing immediate and transparent explanations, and/or by providing direct referrals to specific expertise (e.g. US tax strategy), that have allowed me to make key decisions with a very high degree of confidence.  His custom, hands-on, personal approach and breadth of knowledge is as well suited to assisting with the development of a straight-forward savings strategy with a specific goal in mind, say saving for a down-payment on a first home, as it is to managing complex, multi-faceted corporate-level portfolios.  In my case, Ian has successfully integrated multiple Canadian and US-based investment and insurance products into a coherent retirement plan for myself and for my spouse.  Without hesitation, I have since arranged for Ian to assist my two children as they begin their careers and establish personal financial goals of their own, and I have no doubt that they will benefit greatly from this association.    


Ian has proven to be an absolutely invaluable asset in managing my own personal investment portfolio, including life insurance, registered investments, retirement and wealth planning, and succession planning.  

Paul Esposito

CEO, Esposito Group of Companies

Our family and our corporations have been working with Ian Mooney since early 2014.  The individual attention, and guidance that we have received from Ian over the years has translated directly into tangible financial benefits.  In addition to managing our investment portfolios and our insurance needs, Ian has played a critical role in designing our health and dental plan as well.

I truly appreciate how Ian stays current with political and economic developments in the world, and how they might affect our investment strategies.  With this new partnership of Ian and Nathan I believe the professionalism, industry knowledge and open communication that Ian and Nathan have demonstrated with us will continue to benefit our financial needs for many years to come. 

If you are looking for honest, professional, reliable, and knowledgeable certified financial planners I fully heartedly recommend calling McLeod Mooney Certified Financial Planning for advice and guidance.

Brian M. Scott

VP Geology and Technical Services,  B2Gold Corp.

I have personally known Ian Mooney for  over 10 years  and appreciate his  knowledgeable insights into all aspects of investing and financial planning.  

Ian stays current with political and economic developments in the world and how they might affect both long and short term  investment strategies.

The team of Ian and Nathan have  a unique skill set of open communication,  professionalism and market knowledge that allows me to adapt  my investment strategy and risk threshold in the ever changing market dynamics.

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